Bluefield Services offers a broad range of services to ensure all assets under our management meet and exceed industry standards for safety, technical and financial performance.

Unique packages can be created according to client requirements, tailoring services to the needs of your asset.

Operation and Maintenance

Established in 2017, Bluefield Operations Ltd is the youngest company of the Bluefield group.

It provides a full suite of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services to solar farm asset owners, bringing into the industry innovative techniques to improve the efficiency and performance of both assets and O&M activities.

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation review
  • Project Management
  • Availability Optimisation
  • Research

Asset Management

Dedicated to increasing asset performance, we offer a range of services from plant monitoring to contract review, ensuring your asset runs at its optimal capacity.

Delivering each service is a team of dedicated and reliable individuals, experienced in the solar industry and its latest technology.

  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Services

Engineering Services

The Engineering and Technical Advisory team have nearly 20 years cumulative experience in the full project life cycle of solar energy and energy storage projects.

Our team has delivered engineering and technical advisory services on projects totalling over 2GW to both owners and lenders. We are also involved in developing a solar code of practice and international solar standards. We bring additional value-added know-how to our customers in the provision of services:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Irradiation and energy yield assessment
  • Secondary market transaction due diligence
  • Owners engineering & construction monitoring
  • Energy storage technical advisory
  • Private Wire Connection Schemes
  • Portfolio optimisation and asset performance management


The Monitoring team of BSL consists of experienced asset engineers who are proficient across a wide range of monitoring platforms.

Our Bristol-based control centre is innovative within the industry and can offer continuous asset monitoring if required.

  • Performance optimisation
  • Identification of equipment failures
  • Monitor resolution of faults
  • Identify areas of performance improvement