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Bluefield Services Limited improves the performance, longevity and returns generated by your solar asset. We offer a range of different services, including technical, operational, legal and financial support.

Our portfolio under management has increased rapidly in recent years, with our expertise now being recognised globally.

Meet the team

Bluefield Services Limited is lead by a team of highly experienced individuals in Technical, financial and Asset management.

Rachael Herbert
Rachael Herbert is the Managing Director of Technical Support Services overlooking all the supporting functions within Bluefield Services, Monitoring, Performance Reporting, Engineering, Digital and IT. Rachael has 25 years’ experience… Read more
Joe Van Wyk
Joe is the Head of Construction at Bluefield. He is an accomplished renewable energy professional, technical engineer and solar specialist with deep knowledge, skills and experience spanning the entire solar… Read more
Robert Ireland
Robert is a Chartered Accountant with 28 years’ worth of experience within the finance sector, having gained his qualifications during his very first position back in 1994, and quickly progressing… Read more
Debra Russell
Debra Russell is our Bluefield Group HR Director and has over 18 years’ experience in Human Resource Management (HRM). Debra continues to develop our people strategy to ensure Bluefield provides… Read more
Nicholas Burridge Redondo
Nicholas Burridge is Managing Director of Asset Management of the Solar & Wind assets operated and maintained by Bluefield which account for 900+MWp to date across 150+ plants in the… Read more
Catherine Brennan
Catherine Brennan joined as Legal Director of Bluefield Services in 2022. In her role, Catherine also advises across the wider group including Bluefield Operations Limited and Bluefield Renewable Developments Limited.… Read more
Paula Naranjo
Paula Naranjo is a Head of Engineering, with circa 10 years’ worth energy industry experience, 8 of these years focused on renewable energy projects, graining professional experience in multinational companies.… Read more

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